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Fariz RM - Do not Erase Full Album 39:09
KASUS by FARIZ RM Do Not Erase 05:28
Fariz RM - Kasus 05:25

Fariz RM - Kasus

4.96MB Agung Ris
KASUS  l  Fariz Roestam Moenaf  l  Album : Do not Erase  1987 05:46
Kasus 05:24


4.94MB Fariz RM - Topic
Don't Stop 03:32

Don't Stop

3.23MB Fariz RM - Topic
Fariz RM # More Than Just A Friend 03:56
Don't Stop by FARIZ RM 03:30

Don't Stop by FARIZ RM

3.2MB asgoenz saja
Fariz RM & Neno Warisman - Nada Kasih Original & Clear Sound 05:18
More than just a friend by Fariz RM 03:55
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